Welcome @Nobleo Technology

The place where ideas are created, and ideals are achieved

Some people choose Nobleo Technology so they can work at the cutting edge of their technology field. For others, it’s the opportunity to help realize an important and noble mission: to help make the world a safer and healthier place. And some people choose Nobleo Technology because it is a fast-growing company with strong and clear ambition.

Everyone has a different set of reasons to join. But everyone has the same reason to stay: teamwork and opportunities to grow.

There will be times when you work independently and autonomously, but always you will have teammates to support you, to discuss the challenges, and work with you. And because we have a very rich variety of specialists in the disciplines of mechatronics, mechanics, embedded software, computer vision, and more you can tackle the challenges from a broad range of angles. On the way, you’ll also develop valuable new technical skills, learning from some of the brightest minds in engineering.

It´s a teamwork that’s sustained by our open and informal culture. One that is also fueled by active soft-skills training to teamwork and personal effectiveness. And it´s a teamwork that’s powered by our passion for perfection. A team that’s passionate about making the world a safer and healthier place. The result? Interaction, solidarity, fellowship and pride.

In short, time spent at Nobleo Technology is time spent developing the world and yourself.